Seat Ibiza Instrument Cluster Repair For Dim Lights On In Background


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Seat Ibiza Instrument Cluster Speedo Repair for Lights Blinking

If you own a Seat Ibiza the instrument cluster speedo’s can suffer from various problems such as :

  • Lights blink when LEFT indicator on 
  • Lights blink when RIGHT indicator on 
  • ABS Warning Light on
  • Warning lights stay on dim
  • Backlights stay on 
  • Seat Ibiza Intermittent lights blinking
  • Other lights coming on when using the beam
  • Indicators flash with warning lights
  • Seat Ibiza Warning lights staying on dim
  • Seat Ibiza instrument cluster warning lights flickering

A solution has been found for this common problem where the microprocessor gives out the wrong signal output.
We will check and rectify this problem and also work the rest of the driver circuit.

A full bench test rig has been setup so these can be tested correctly, normally without the need of the car.

Your original mileage , vin number and most importantly coding data will be intact and there will be no need for any additional coding.