Dealer Level Diagnostics

We have dealer level diagnostics tools enabling us to go that extra to find out what is exactly wrong with your car.
Most generic scan tools are very vague only giving you an idea of what could be wrong, more than likely the fault diagnosed is incorrect.

By using professional diagnostic tools we are able to diagnose correctly as any manufacturer or dealer would.
We have invested in professional tools allowing us to diagnose your vehicle correctly and get it right the first time.

On some occasions we can also code and program used units to your car , avoiding you buying expensive new units.



What We Can Do
  • Code all modules , control units , ecu’s
  • Software Updates
  • Program all modules
  • Service Light Reset
  • Fault Code Reading and Diagnosis
  • Retrofit modification coding
  • In depth fault finding 
  • Access To Wiring Diagrams


-All ModelsDealer Level Diagnostics


-All ModelsDealer Level Diagnostics


-All ModelsDealer Level Diagnostics

Infact we have diagnostic facilities for nearly all makes and models on the market.