Fiat Ducato Blue and Me Repair Service


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Fiat Ducato Blue and Me Repair Service

The Blue and Me is commonly fitted in most Fiat Ducato and similar models.

This Unit Normally Fails For:

  • Blue & Me No Bluetooth Connection
  • Blue & Me stopped working.
  • Only the radio & CD works.
  • Blue&Me battery drain
  • Odometer (mileage) blinking on the instrument cluster 
  • USB Port not working on the Blue and Me
  • Blue & Me Flashing Mileage 
  • Blue & Me Cannot Connect phone to the vehicle 
  • Blue & Me Intermittent power
  • Blue & Me Media Player not working 
  • Blue & Me USB Port Stopped Working 

We can offer to repair your faulty Blue and Me  using original new parts , a full board test will also be carried out.
Your unit will be repaired and fully tested, We have full bench testing facilities and can check the full function of your unit.
A full warranty will be provided, The dealers cannot offer you this service and would recommend a direct replacement which can be very expensive.

Please Note: Once the unit has been repaired , coding to this unit may not be required as we can now save the original proxi data allowing you to simply plug back your repaired unit to your vehicle. (*Wherever data recovery is possible)

If proxi aligning is required , then this can be done here at our workshop or ask a independent auto electrician near  you. 

Fiat Ducato Blue and Me Repair Service :

These are taken from some of the Blue and Me units we have repaired, even if your part number is not listed we should still be able to repair your unit.Fiat Blue and Me Repair




Carefully remove your unit from your vehicle. If you are not sure then please contact your local garage or google for removal instructions.  


Complete transaction and print a purchase receipt and send it along with your item to our workshop address. Securely pack your item.(if you have no printer then please  manually write your details on paper please include the transaction details).


Once we have received your unit we will inspect and repair your unit and after thorough testing we post back to you.  

Customer Information:

  • Typical repair time can be between 1-3 working days upon receiving the item. 
  • Return postage is included in the repair price.
  •  In the unlikely event of your unit not being able to be repaired can be due to previously being repaired or tampered with or has water contamination, if this happens then the item may not be repairable, we will contact you and update you about this.
  • Coding to this unit may not be required as we can now save the original proxi data allowing you to simply plug back your repaired unit to your vehicle. (*Where ever possible)

We can also arrange to remove your faulty unit from your vehicle with a small charge, this service is only available by appointment in office only please call.

Revtronic Ltd is a UK based company, all our repair work is carried out in house, a full VAT receipt is given, we offer full guarantee on all our repairs.



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