Ford KA Airbag ECU Repair Service for No Communication


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This Repair Service is for a Ford KA AirBag ECU Module SRS for no communication.

Some Part Numbers: 





Manufacturer: Continental Plastic Body 

If your experiencing problems such as :

  • Diagnostics not seeing airbag ecu
  • Cannot proxy align airbag ecu in vehicle
  • Mileage Flashing in the speedo
  • Airbag fault error in speedo
  • Fuel Cut off not available warning 
  • IPC : Fault code 0172687 lost Comms
  • PCM : 0042281 Invalid Data 
  • BCM : B10AA4A Check Config 
  • Fault Code U172687
  • Fault Code B105386 
  • Airbag light on

You would normally have to go to the main agents and buy a new unit and then get it coded which can be expensive. Buying a second-hand unit will mean that the unit may not be able to be coded to your vehicle, it may not be compatible, this may in time suffer from the same problem.

Among other problems, we can repair your unit in house with specialist test equipment, enabling us to thoroughly check the item after repair.

Original or improved components are used with a better tolerance level, providing a reliable repair.

We will fully repair your original unit, replacing all necessary components and more.

We do not outsource our work; all our work is carried out by experienced engineers.

We have a very good reputation with many owners clubs and independent repair specialists, our workmanship reflects on quality.


Your unit will be professionally repaired and tested by our qualified technicians.

If you are not sure on how to remove your unit, please consult an authorised garage who will be able to assist you with the removal.

Our Repair Process In 3 Easy Steps:


Carefully remove your unit from your vehicle. If you are not sure then please contact your local garage or google for removal instructions.  


Complete transaction and print a purchase receipt and send it along with your item to our workshop address. Securely pack your item.(if you have no printer then please manually write your details on paper please include the transaction details from ebay).


Once we have received your unit we will inspect and repair your unit and after thorough testing we post back to you.  

Customer Information:
  • Typical repair time can be between 1-3 working days upon receiving the parcel
  • Return postage is included in the repair price.
  • No further coding will be required to the unit after it has been repaired.
  • In the unlikely event of your unit not being able to be repaired can be due to previously being repaired or tampered with or has water contamination, if this happens then the item may not be repairable, we will contact you and update you about this.
  • The dealers cannot offer you this service and would recommend a direct replacement which can be very expensive

Revtronic Ltd is a UK based company, all our repair work is carried out in house, a full VAT receipt is given, we offer full guarantee on all our repairs

Please Remove Your Unit And Post To:

Revtronic Ltd,
46 Listerhills Road,